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Stuff White People Like #201: Bulgogi

White people love Korean B.B.Q. and that’s a fact. Bulgogi is probably high on that list of “grill it yourself” meats. Sometimes it’s served sizzling as it arrives on your table in a personalized cast iron dish. For me, bulgogi is always the safe way to go when you’re a Korean B.B.Q. house virgin. It’s the thinly sliced meat with the vegetables that people love to eat. Just a side a rice and some “jap chae” or cellophane noodles, it’s a hearty meal that will impress your guests and save you a trip to the B.B.Q. house. Here’s a recipe that will satisfy your meat craving, White or not.

  • Visit your local Korean market and purchase Bulgogi Marinade sauce and sliced meat. These packaged meats are usually labeled “For Bulgogi.” No joke. Found in the Deli section, you’ll only need one package for three – four people.
  • I prepared sliced carrots, onions, brocoli, and red bell peppers with a vegetable shredder. These slender pieces are great bite-size pieces for fast cooking. If you don’t have one, your “Slap and Chop” will do.
  • Using only a tablespoon, pour marinade over separated meat slices and vegetables. Allow it to marinate in the refrigerator. It’s made of pineapples, apples, ginger, and honey. A little goes a long way.
  • Serve with rice, romaine lettuce for wrapping, and a side of Kimchi if you’re feeling spicy.


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