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You had me at beans.

Specifically, an order black beans and white rice from Wahoo’s hits the spot. It’s a Mexican eatery meets beach meets surfer shack, but done right. None of that messy fiesta decor, just messy product placement of surf apparel and polaroid shots trim the wall. An afternoon of cravings led a friend and I to the local Wahoo’s for none other than their infamous beans and rice. Most days, I contemplate how I can enter the back and run off with the pot of beans and rice. Mischievous, yes, but undoubtedly worth it. So it’s the usual for me. An order of Two Blackened Chicken Enchiladas with a Fish Taco and Wahoo’s Salad with Spicy Chicken between the two of us keeps us satisfied. Since the Wahoo’s opened in the Aliso Viejo Town Center over 10 years ago, I’ve always ordered the same thing. “A number two with green AND red sauce with blackened chicken, please.” It never gets old. Another favorite of mine is Wahoo’s signature salad dressing. They use cilantro and garlic and this creamy concoction is best served when drizzled over everything. Guess you can say I’m a fan. I know it’s so “unsophisticated” to say that this franchise’s food is actually edible. Nothing more than pre-packaged foods and assembly line cooking, but try it for yourself. You’ll leave agreeing, “You had me at beans.”


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