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Versailles And Its Tongue!

Yes, my obsession for rice and beans continues as we take a trip to our friendly neighbors, Cuba. Trust me, this more than rice and beans. Cuban food prides itself on recipes with influences from Spanish and African cultures. It’s a healthy serving from a melting pot of people, spices, and history. Lucky for us, Cuban food is just around the corner, welcomed with arms wide open at a less pretentious LA, Culver City’s Versailles. As seen on The Food Network and local cooking channels, Versailles has been Los Angeles’ (sorta) hidden gem, delivering Cuban favorites using original recipes. The decor and music place you in Havana. Then I feel like I’m an extra in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. You can taste the love and pride that the original Garcia family put into each spoonful. A favorite of traditional Cuban cuisine is Beef Tongue. Versailles’ Lengua Guisada is as close to home as you can get. I personally love to eat tongue. You forget you’re eating tongue when the meat just melts with each bite. For me, tongue isn’t a bizarre fare. With a generous portion of beans and rice, it is a Cuban fiesta in your mouth.  It’s absolutely too good to turn down. Scout’s honor, I scarfed the whole plate down. Totally worth the two day food coma.


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