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Pretty Damn Good Burger

Nothing better than biting into a great burger. It’s a mouthwatering experience, holding a warm creation in your hands, knowing it should enter your body soon, and invading your senses. Yes, we’re still talking about the burger. For me, the experience starts with the bun. The texture, firmness, the bounce back ratio, and the toast will all be judged. The bun will have me at hello and this bad boy got me weak in the knees. South Coast Plaza’s DG Burger, nestled between an even more pretentious father restaurant Charlie Palmer and its neighbor, AnQi, had a lot to live up to. Damn Good Burger is the back room to Charlie, but rather than holding the rejects, DG offers faster service, a generous serving, and this glorious burger and I mean glorious. Don’t be confused with the brown paper table cloths. Far pricer than any  In N Out, you’ll enjoy every dollar spent on this gal. So back to basics with the anatomy of the far from ordinary DG burger. Starting with a potato bun, the juicy concoction holds a Black Angus beef  patty with a side serving of cabbage, red onions, and sliced tomatoes. Recommended at medium, Damn Good offers extra servings of avocado, aged cheddar, or crispy bacon. Something about this burger makes it stand it. The chef’s secret DG Sauce glazed over the toasty bun is as satisfying as hearing someone hear sweet nothings in your ear – possibly better. I ordered the side of fries with all the toppings, including their bacon mayo and the chipotle aioli. Finally, top it off with their Peach Iced Tea. Like I always said, go big or go home.


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