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The Spam Generation

Sum up my childhood and it would be canned and probably be nicknamed “mystery meat.” Drumroll please, it’s none other than Spam, the all-American classic really. I’m a proud child of the Spam generation. Spam fried rice, Spam breakfast, Spam steaks – shamelessly proud. I’ve only known others to gasp with disgust when presented such a tempting treat. Oh boy, they were wrong. Yes, the notion of canned beef can be, well, not so appetizing, but here on Waikiki Beach, “Spam Musubi” is the perfect island treat.

I think I’d sell my soul and first born for this.

Regrettably, Spam carried the stigma of a poor people’s meal because of its shelf life and price. My advice, stock that up! It is an essential ingredient in my everyday pantry/ post-apocolyptic bunker. I blame pop culture for coining the term “mystery meat” and turning a perfect creation of convenience and taste into an undesirable spiced ham, shunning potential fans. Fear not friends.

This afternoon trip to Waikiki beach was not complete without a visit to the infamous Iyasume Musubi. Known for their rice balls and Spam treats, the ladies of Iyasume really know how to wrap Spam and other preserved treats into glorious hand held delights. I’m enjoying a Spicy Cod Riceball and the OG… aka Spam Musubi. It’s Cloud Nine in the palm of your hand. More heavenly than Spam by itself, the original Musubi is paired with seaweed and rice. Something salty, a hint of sweetness from the rice, and a whole lot of love in each handmade special. Both not-so-bite-size snacks only dare me to get on a plane and return to Oahu at this very moment.

If you’ve never had the guts to try Spam, perhaps the Hawaiian style will change your mind. Fly to Oahu, visit the hole in the wall, Iyasume Musubi, and you’ll gladly join The Spam Generation.


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