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World Peace and Fair Trade Chocolate

Well, there’s a mouthful. While this chocolate can’t save the world, at least it’s starting somewhere. Unlike most wrapped treats, Theo chocolates are as close to sin-free as newly bought panties. Why sinless you might ask? Isn’t chocolate supposed to make you feel a little guilty and devilish? Sneaking off for a late night snack or not counting the calories, chocolate might as well be the affair to remember.

Willy Wonka, you’re totally f*!ked.

If you have a sweet tooth craving in Seattle, Theo Chocolate specializes in their handmade “Artisan” delicacies. So fresh and so much like the Seattle way, anyone can take a tour of the factory and receive discounts on their purchase. Willy Wonka, you’re totally f*!ked.

Saving the world doesn’t come cheap. Shamelessly spending $200 on chocolate, we left happy. My favorites that have been demolished within walking distance of leaving Theo: First,”Big Daddy” is the adult version of a s’more. This behemoth of delicacies is not child’s play. Best way for me to translate it: ‘S’more matured and got a job, looking good at reunion’ kind of sexy. Second, “Ghost Chile” is wicked. Dark, salty, spicy. As in that naughty self you never thought you had, but it comes with vengeance and heat when you try to resist. These two are just a few of a handful of mind-blowing guilt-free chocolate orgasms that I’ve had the pleasure to experience.

‘S’more matured and got a job, looking good at reunion’ kind of sexy.

Ya, ya guilt free you’re probably asking, well bring the good karma baby because Theo is fair trade certified. Another reason why they’re so innovative and angelic at the same time. Promoting sustainability and organic solutions, Theo Chocolates recognized the injustice that cocoa farmers had to endure, only working with select certified producers. Rigorously abiding to the fair trade laws, Theo avoids any genetically modified ingredients in every truffle and bar and Big Daddy created.

So sin away with Theo. You don’t even have to count it with all the good deeds this organic chocolate company does. Get down with your bad self and be rewarded with food karma. I mean good karma.


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