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Princess Diana and Meat, Enough Said

(Scroll down for pictures). The European gastro-tour continues with Seville, Spain. Seville, Sevilla? So the Spaniards like to say “Sevilla” I will roll that double L. What a magical city. Arriving at Hotel Alfonso XIII was like stepping back into time. This restored hotel renewed the original tiles and furniture and the nine months of renovations paid off. One of my favorite hotels, millions were put into restoring the original Moorish-inspired patterns. Even if you don’t stay at Hotel Alfonso XIII, stroll in and admire the halls, tiles, staircases, even the ancient elevators.

Oh the details! Oh do they do so well on the details! I swear I touched every inch of Hotel Alfonso XIII. Traveling from Barcelona to Seville could be described as entering a completely different world. Not to be too dramatic, but Seville’s the southern charm, attention to details, and Moorish-inspired headboards (see below) made me swoon. I felt that the city welcomed us with opened arms.

It was barely a few steps across the bus tracks and pass the Häagen Daz, we have arrived at the Seville Cathedral. There is so much to see and indulge that mentally it is a blur of baroque gold. From the overwhelming visit, I recall my favorites. Seeing the tomb of Christopher Columbus and climbing the incline to the top of the bell tower to admire the view of the city. My mind couldn’t handle what was in front of me. Columbus’ bones! And even more of a mental explosion was right next door – The Alcazar. Been dying to see this since before my breasts existed. The gardens, the ceilings, doorways, tiles, and the stray peacocks, everything inside the gardens of Alcazar was out of a novel. Just about everyone was enjoying the sunny afternoon here in the Gardens – the Spanish senior citizens sharing tapas and newlyweds taking photos next to every fountain and vans of Chinese tourists. Both attractions of Seville were inspiring and breathtaking. Check that off my bucket list!

So back to Hotel Alfonso XIII. Speechless, I can’t describe its beauty. It’s where presidents and royalty stay. How do I know this? Inside of their halls, the hotel hosts a mini museum. Rather cute with a few frames and some ancient artifacts, the most interesting one was the picture of Princess Diana, looking fabulous as always, leaving the hotel. I know I’m rather lucky to have the opportunity to stay at such a luxurious place where the halls from floor to ceiling are decorated with mosaic tiles, silverware is actually silver, and the teacups are lined with gold. Definitely not taking this for granted.

And another reason to be completely obsessed with Hotel Alfonso XIII… Taifas. In the shadows of the hotel and hidden among palm trees, Taifas is almost a world alway from the busy streets and honking cabs just across the fence. A flawlessly designed restaurant and scrumptious menu, Taifas is another must on that check list of yours. Ordering the Seafood Pasta and the Steak For 2, I’m about ready to burst and break the wicker furniture. The meat? Fatty, salty, perfect. Perfectly paired with grilled vegetables, the Mediterranean flavors and culture pop off the plate.

Seville’s Hotel Alfonso XIII. A timeless masterpiece is an understatement.

All about that attention to detail.

Brunch in the courtyard.

The View from our room on the 3rd floor, overlooking the courtyard.

Look at the beautiful Moorish-inspired headboard and crown moulding. Swoon!

Princess Diana rocked the floral print.

Taifas’ seafood pasta.

Meat. Need I say more?

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