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Vegas Food Baby!

The most important questions you ask yourself while preparing for a weekend in Vegas: What will I wear and What should I eat! Slutty dress, check. Huge appetite, check.

The usual hotspots: D.O.C.G., off the strip Raku, and China Poblano are on my list and I’m not ashamed to grub more than twice a day at one spot. Las Vegas, Nevada satisfies that craving for unique dishes that I can’t find closer to home. For example, D.O.C.G. has fried AND stuffed olives and a truffle pizza worth selling your ovaries for. And Raku has the traditional kamameshi that takes 45 minutes to make. Salmon roe, need I say more? Now when in Vegas, expect to spend some hard earned bills and gain about twenty pounds. Pretty sure I brought my stretchy pants because I’m leaving with a food baby. There are just too many places to eat, on and off the strip. So let’s focus, the two most important meals of your Vegas weekend will be breakfast and a hangover remedy.

The wind beneath my wings... Bacon

The wind beneath my wings… Bacon

Breakfast. It gets me out of bed. Basically, the reason I exist. Eggs, bacon, buttered bread, I’m easy. Vegas does breakfast so well! If you’re not stumbling back from your walk of shame and still have an appetite, check out The Henry. Located near the strip exit of The Cosmopolitan, The Henry is just another reason to stay at my favorite hotel. Did I mention the floors and floors of restaurants inside The Cosmo? The inside just tickles your senses and triggers a hungry tummy. Get up early and order their version of an eggs benedict called Short Ribs Benedict. They’ll tell you it’s their favorite thing and you’re thinking, “of course it is, it’s the most expensive item, you @:$!%#.” It’s heavenly, taking breakfast to new fantasies. The short rib smothers their unique potato cake like a clingy girlfriend. The kind that never wants to leave. Lathered heavily in sauce and crowned with a poached egg, this could be sweet sweet ecstasy because there’s nothing better than a great Benedict and a runny yolk. It’s the weekend so why not get a side of their famous bacon and some Belgium waffles. So no alarm needed, this will drag you out of bed.

Short ribs benedict aka the only way to have a benedict now.

Short ribs benedict aka the only way to have a benedict now.

What’s Vegas without a wicked, bone crunching hangover? What cures me is Chinese food. Not a fan of the greasy, MSG glistening type. Dear god, don’t order Panda Express. Upgrade your tastes to Jose Andres’ China Poblano. If I could sum it up, China Poblano is the golden child of a Mexican cantina and Chinese dim sum. It’s mind boggling how Jose thinks of this.

I know alcohol cures a hangover, but I’m sticking to their teas. You can smell the tea samples if words like Chrysanthemum confuse the shit out of you. The tea timer helps you modify the flavor. Jose Andres has mastered the beauty of presentation. Almost immediately, I do my usual: lamb dumplings and shumai. The hot and sour soup is the calm after the crazy shit storm of a weekend that you had! And dim sum hour isn’t truly dim sum without my favorite BBQ pork buns.

I like it dark.

I like it dark.

Hot and Sour!

Hot and Sour!

Infamous lamb dumplings

Infamous lamb dumplings

Twist on the traditional shumai

Twist on the traditional shumai

Beautiful buns

Beautiful buns, BBQ pork buns that is.

Everything is tapas style. Calm your horses. Doesn’t mean you’re leaving hungry! Between two people, that is what we devoured (and we consider this light). Now if we don’t take it easy, I’d recommend the 1000+ vegetable fried rice and add a protein (shrimp or chicken is the best). 1000+ vegetable? Not kidding, there are a million vegetables and the taste? Mind blowing. Still hungry? Order the Dan Dan noodles. Medium spicy and very filling. Ok are you obsese like me and need more? Order the individual tacos! I’m obsessed with the beef tongue. I only wish I could feast on more, but I might start naming my food babies.


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