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Why I Return To Oahu

Santa wishes he could get this Christmas diet! I can’t get enough of this place. It’s my third time in Oahu and I’m guilty of bragging weeks before arriving. Spam musubis, noodles, loco mocos, and any liquor concoction in that obnoxious coconut cup. I’m on holiday baby. Why do I return to the same island? Besides the convenient flight to paradise, the real reason is FOOD. What did I do differently this time around? Let’s see… I tried a different shrimp truck and drumroll please……. I wasn’t scared of riding the moped!

December in Oahu is a joke. The weather is perfect and if you bring a jacket, you are an idiot. Every bit of Bing Crosby’s Hawaiian Christmas is true. “From the land where palm trees sway, here we know Christmas will be green and bright.” We returned to Moana Surfrider in Waikiki Beach because of the stunning location and its walking/ moped distance to spam heaven, Iyasume Musubi, a quick dinner at Marukame Udon, and our favorite poke bowls, Ono Seafood.

Besides being a vegetable on the beach, mopeds were our transportation of choice. We rode to Diamond Head, Iyasume Musubis, and Ono seafood. Just to refresh your memory, THIS IS WHY I RETURN. AND THIS TOO.

While visiting North Shore, we stopped by Macky’s. Not quite as popular among tourists, but you can tell the locals love it. The menu is shrimp, shrimp, shrimp, and I think I saw a fruit bowl too. I love butter and when you mix garlic, my other first love, and shrimp, you get a finger-licking lunch that keeps garlic refrigerated in your nails. Unsanitary, but not completely unjustified. Both the lemon butter and garlic butter make a great snack or lunch after a long day of doing nothing on the beach.

Meals on wheels

Meals on wheels

Larger than life shrimp!

Larger than life shrimp!

Oahu might be known for pineapples and spam , but they know how to do noodles. A good bowl of steaming broth and noodles can be found at Ramen Nakamura. The line was around the block. I decided to be adventurous and get the Oxtail Ramen special. Hungry, cranky, and sunburnt. The heavy garlic broth cures all troubles. Get down and dirty with your stink. Not only did my hair and face reek garlic bliss, but I didn’t get any love that evening. Garlic > physical needs? Yes.

Don't kiss anyone after eating this garlic beast!

Don’t kiss anyone after eating this garlic beast!

A less garlic explosion, yet still satisfying your noodle craving is Marukame Udon. Udon is not the same as ramen, but noodles are noodles right? Wrong! This thicker wheat-flour noodle is served simple with a mild flavored broth, green onions, and tempura. The side dishes/ toppings are up to you. At Marukame, you can see the chefs make your noodles and broth from scratch. In mere minutes, you can enjoy this set up… after waiting the line around the restaurant. Completely worth it.

Noodles all day every day.

Noodles all day every day at Marukame Udon.

Everything please!

Everything please!

The best places are off the beaten path.

The best places are off the beaten path.

I have become predictable on the island. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack, midnight snack. Spam musubis it is. Every morning I’d make a run to the local Iyasume Musubi. Spam musubis, spicy cod, salmon roe, were the most popular requests. I bet they’d say, “Here comes the crazy Spam Queen!” What’s better than spam and white sand beaches? It’s understandable, a daily stock up is the minimum for this crazy Spam queen.

Morning run for musubis.

Morning run for musubis.

The $5 bag I bought!

The adorable bag I bought to carry my daily Spam dose!

So to spice things up this year, I told myself that I would conquer the moped. Last year, I was more fearful of this mini motorcycle than sharks, earthquakes, disease carrying mosquitos… real life fears. Now look at me now!

Besides the warm sun, cool waters, and unlimited amount of Spam, Oahu is the best destination for a Christmas holiday. Return with a sun-kissed tan and a full belly, and well, that’s the best gift Santa could ever give you.

Mopeds I am no longer scared of you!

Spam Queen.


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